FutureInFocus was co-created in 2009 by Martin Grimshaw with Charley Haward and Ian Lawton, to help accelerate the transition to a happier and sustainable future, and borne of a desire to employ and mainstream smart, leading edge techniques to harness latent creativity and encourage grass roots participation and innovation.

Perhaps you might think of us as ‘the rhythm section of the Great Transition.’

FutureInFocus is currently a Thriving Planet project, trading names of Martin Grimshaw and featuring associates as appropriate to the work in hand.



A sustainable society, in which well-being, fairness, health and prosperity are pursued within ecological limits and sought for future generations and all life.


To support the ‘Great Transition’ to a healthy sustainable planet through education, participation, cooperation, training, collaboration and learning


  • To create events and share skills, tools and wisdom to help manifest our vision
  • To create excellent, enjoyable and useful experiences which are valued by our participants
  • To have fun and create ‘Real Wealth’ in our communities and for ourselves


  • We work by consent, while supporting our collective growth
  • We practice honest communication with compassion, tolerance and humility
  • We be the change that we wish to see in the world
  • We practice Earth care, People care and Fair shares
  • The ‘Real Wealth’ we seek for ourselves and for all is: Quality sustenance, including happiness, well-being, and useful and rewarding livelihoods where work is rewarded by a sustainable and fair yield, and within a healthy ecosystem
  • We respect and listen to the views and needs of others, while promoting our vision
  • We are signatories to The Earth Charter
  • We endorse aligned initiatives including the 10:10 campaign and One Planet Living
  • We take inspiration from the Transition movement (aka Transition Towns), and seek to support and accelerate its work.